Mitchell Rosenzweig

Documentary Films

Documentary Videos:

The Golden Calf
An examination of the lives of three local artists. The documentary focuses on their struggles to survive financially and psychologically in an occupation that offers few social rewards (with James Tucker; 1994, 33 minutes).

The Budget Cut
In this New England town, the barbershop represents a meeting place to discuss local right wing politics, religion, and gossip. In other words, The Budget Cut is the combination of both new world and old ideas. (1995, 15 Minutes)

Under Bright Light
A chronicle of the 1995 National Golden Gloves boxing tournament in Lowell, Massachusetts. Special attention is given to social backgrounds of the participants (with James Tucker; 1996, 30 minutes).

Nu Knees
This film reveals the humor in, and gritty reality of door-to-door religious recruiting, set against the backdrop of a wintry suburban landscape Downeast.(1996, 45 minutes)

Et Cetera
Shot in a Cinema Verite style, the players social behavior is placed in question to the viewer, as each different character is seen reacting to each other during this lengthy competition. (1997, 15 minutes)

This short film examines the life of three individuals (Ed , Shayne, and Jacob) by exploring the deep expressed emotions of their lost love predicaments. (1999, 15 minutes)

Crooked Walls"Crooked Walls"
E xplores the changing artistic landscape against the backdrop of Sante Fe, New Mexico. Once a city where artists could live simply and create work that responded to their deepest passions, Santa Fe is now crowding out these artists in favor of artists who seem to respond only to the market.

Subway Film
Shot in the New York City Subway, the dichotomy between the
musicians and pedestrians who pay little attention to their presence. Shot
in black and white in a creative, montage-like fashion, we see and hear the
artists music and visual content of the subway. (2008, 13 minutes) re-edited

False Summits
This film is the female version of" Disilusion"where five women exploring the deep expressed emotions of their lost love predicaments, the sexual aspects of their relationships, and their future indevors.
iNew Mexico. (2009, 13 minutes)

Film Festivals:

Subway Film. Newburyport Film Festival ,Newburyport MA, 2006

Subway Film. Artstream Film Festival, Rochester N.H., 2005

Crooked Walls. Santa Fe Film Festival, Santa Fe New Mexico, 2003

Nu Knees: Palm Beach Institute of Contemporary Art, Worth Lake, Fl, 2002

Disillusion: Cocolus Film and Video Festival, Wilmington, N.C., 1999

Et Cetera: Metropolitan Film and Video Festival, Detroit MI, 1998

Under Bright Light: Davis Film and Video Festival; Davis California, 1997

Nu Knees: Tusculum Video and Film Festival, Tusclum, Tenn, 1997

Nu Knees: Troubador: Film and Video Festival; San Francisco, CA, 1997

Nu Knees: N.H. First Film and Video Festival; Concord, N.H., 1997

  Oct. 1998 New Hampshire State Council on the Arts
( Individual Artists Fellowship)
  November 2005 Audience Award: Subway Film
Artstream FIlm Festival, State Council on the Arts, Rochester, N.H.

January 1997 Highest Honors: Nu Knees
New Hampshire Film Festival, Concord, N.H.

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