Stephen Reyna

Stephen Reyna , Film Review

Most of Rosenzweig's films deal with the prosaic details of the lives of ordinary individuals. The films are structured into various layers of visual meaning. One layer pertains to substance, asking questions such as, what does it mean to be a boxer, a chess player, or an artist. A second layer often grapples with gender and cultural expectations. A third layer can deal further in depth, exploring the irony of perception. It is here that viewers are often reminded with a gentle eye that though these people may talk big, they live small.


"The films are structured into various layers
of visual meaning "


One film is about amateur boxers at a Golden Gloves competition. Another explores the complexity of interpersonal relationships. A third considers the social structure of male chess clubs. The fourth records the banter between men at a barbershop. A fifth discusses and documents proselytizing activities of some hapless missionaries. Another embelshes the art market of Santa Fe, New Mexico. And yet another film explores the dichotomy between musicians and pedestrians

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